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This page contains detailed information and restrictions that apply to our rides. Please
carefully read all information below!

Our horses are highly trained to safely carry the first-time rider as well as the more advanced
equestrian. We make every attempt to explain all aspects of trail riding and safety
management for both the riders and the horses. All age requirements are mandatory, and must
be strictly observed for the safety and well being of your children. Please DO NOT try to
mislead your trail guide as to the actual age of your child. The age requirements are based on
average ability to be able to comprehend handling a horse by themselves. NO ride is worth
your child's safety, so please follow this guideline! Our horses are professionally trained, and
every safety precaution is taken into consideration, but you must be aware horses are
unpredictable animals, and there is always inherent risk taken when horseback ridding. These
rules are for your safety as well as our horses, please do not put yourself or someone else at
risk by careless behavior.

2 hour minimum cancellation notice is required on all reservations! Failure to give us the
required notification on canceling a ride or reducing the number of riders that were reserved
will result in your being billed for the total amount of the riders in your reservation!

Unexpected Closing Due to Bad Weather:
On occasion we experience unexpected weather that forces us to close such as lightning
storms or snow storms. Once we close due to bad weather we do not usually reopen that day
as most of our guides live distances to far to expect their returning to work to complete the
day. Please check with the stables at (706) 746-2038 at least 2 hours prior to your ride to
make sure we are still riding. This does not happen very often but we want to make sure you
do not get disappointed by our having to close due to bad weather!

We go to great lengths to make your ride an enjoyable experience. Please make sure to
attempt only to ride on your level of skill. If you are in doubt of your riding ability, do not
attempt to ride above it. All of our rides are scenic and beautiful from our beginner through
our advanced rides.

Horses are mounted using a mounting block, but you will be required to dismount to the
ground yourself. If you have any physical reason that this would be difficult, please make sure
to inform the trail guides BEFORE you mount your horse.

There are weight restrictions based on the height of the individual person. If you are
extremely overweight your physical agility and balance can be impaired. Please do not
attempt to ride if you are physically unfit or excessively over weight for your height.
cannot mount riders in excess of 250 pounds under any circumstances!
It could be unsafe and
potentially harmful to you and our horses.

Dillard House Stables takes every precaution to pair each and every rider with a horse that
matches their size, age, and riding experience. We reserve the right to refuse service to
anyone we feel would be endangering themselves or our horses by riding.

During winter and off-season months, rides are offered by reservation only! You must be
confirmed to secure riding times. Please call the stables between 8:30am - 9:00am (706) 746-
2038 the morning of your ride to check for the latest weather conditions and to confirm riding
times. Due to weather circumstances beyond our control, we do not guarantee any rides
during off-season times if there is unstable weather conditions that restrict us from riding.
Although we will always attempt to take reserved rides out, we do not make any guarantees to
ride on any day that the weather is unsafe or uncomfortable to expect our guests or guides to
ride in. Please make sure your call ahead before you make plans!

Prices are subject to change without notice. Dillard House Stables is open year round
weather permitting. Only pre-reserved rides are guaranteed the prices quoted at the time of
reservation. Reservations can be made as late as the day before during off season dates, but
you are advised to book early to better your chances of guaranteeing a ride. Any ride
canceled due to severe weather conditions is refundable or exchangeable for a ride of equal
value at a future date. No future reservation for that ride is guaranteed. You are responsible to
reschedule your reservation to ride at a later date.

No double riding...only one person allowed to ride on each horse.

Departure Times are approximate, and subject to change based on weather conditions.

Reservations are suggested to guarantee horses and times for your ride.

    Prices of rides do not include tips for your trail Guide

    Reservations MUST be made during business hours!
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